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  • Galaxy Roket Takımı

Our Vision  Until

We are strong!

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Dikkat Roket Çıkabilir!

Dikkat Roket Çıkabilir!

Dikkat Roket Çıkabilir!

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About Us

Galaxy Rocket Team was founded in 2018 by team captain Erhan Şencan in order to work on aviation/space technologies, especially rocket and microsatellite systems, in Ordu. Our team currently consists of 8 people. There are 5 high school students, 2 university students and one high school physics teacher and academic advisor in our team. Together with our team, we carry out studies on rocket and microsatellite systems in the fields of aviation and space technologies in our country. We develop projects in technological competitions, especially TEKNOFEST. Between 2019-2023, we developed a total of 3 rockets as finalists in the rocket competition and fired them at the ROKETSAN Hisar Firing Test Center. At the same time, we have developed 1 micro-satellite that we carry to certain altitudes with our rockets. In 2023, we are developing a rocket with an altitude range of 15,000 feet and the Micro Atmospheric Measurement and Observation Satellite that we will carry with this rocket.

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We Are As Strong As Our Vision!

We attach great importance to the concept of vision. have a strong visionof being We think that it is the most important factor in creating a strong future, we plan our strategies by adopting this opinion.we are developing

By adopting our vision, we can create an integrated working environment to achieve our goals and thus ensure our future success.

Aybüke Rocket Features

Highlights of Our Rocket Developed at TEKNOFEST 2021


Communication with GSM

The avionics systems of our Aybüke Rocket, which we developed as part of the TEKNOFEST Rocket Competition in 2021, have a GSM module. In this way, the data of the rocket is transmitted as SMS to mobile phones other than the ground station.

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15+ Km Wireless Communication

The Aybüke rocket is grounded at a distance of 15+ Km, thanks to its communication modules and ground station antennas.stationIt provides uninterrupted communication with  .

5,000 Feet Altitude Range

The Aybüke rocket we developed in 2021 has an altitude range of 5,000 feet. It has a useful load carrying capacity of 4 KG to this altitude.


WHY ''Aybuke''

''Teachers, the new generation will be the work of you!''

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

We did not want to forget our teachers who sprouted the brains that will build our future, and our teachers who were martyred for no reason during their duties. We wanted to create a social awareness on this issue as well.


Aybüke Rocket in Numbers 

5,000 Feet

Altitude Range

15 Km+

Communication Range


Payload Capacity

8,000 Ns



Our sponsors

During the development process of our projects, various financing or directly product-oriented resource needs arise. We establish sponsorship partnerships with a few companies and business people to fund our team.

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We are looking for innovative friends to join our team. You can review our open positions and apply.

Social Media and Graphic Design Specialist

All Provinces

We are looking for new teammates who will be responsible for our team's digital works such as social media with graphic design works.

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