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The Story of Galaxy Rocket

With our vision, belief, determination and effort from a unique geography at an altitude of 1500, we said "We do" in 2019 in order to contribute to the National Technology Move.

Galaxy Rocket Team was founded in 2018 by team captain Erhan Şencan, and with a group of 5 people, it was established under the name of GALAXY to develop aviation and space systems and works on rocket systems. Our team currently consists of 7 people including the consultant. There are 4 high school students, 2 university students and one high school physics teacher in our team as academic advisors. Our team is formed at a mixed level and will compete in the middle altitude category in the rocket competition in 2022 and will represent Aybastı Science High School. In addition, our team shot as a finalist in the rocket competition in 2020 and 2021. The main purpose of the group is to contribute to our country and science in the best way possible, to keep the word of our country's founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, 'The future is in the skies', and to develop technology in the National Technology Move.


Transforming ourselves and society

Since the establishment of our team, our goals and objectives have always been shared with all our teammates. As we mentioned in the first question, this was basically the common feature that brought our team together.

The mission of our team is to contribute to transforming itself and indirectly the society by working in the field of aviation and space technologies, with the aim of protecting the benefit of humanity and our country. In this context, it is to exhibit our projects in any environment where we can gain a platform for our projects.


our vision

Prepare for the Future, Prepare

We attach great importance to the concept of vision. Have a strong visionof being thinks that it is the most important factor in creating a strong future, we plan our strategies by adopting this opinion.we are developing

By adopting our vision, we can create an integrated working environment to achieve our goals and thus ensure our future success.

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Our Journey


Founding of Galaxy Rocket

Our team was established on February 14, 2019.


We Participated in the Rocket Competition for the First Time

We participated in the rocket competition for the first time in March 2019, but we said goodbye to the competition because we could not find enough funding in our first year.



Galaxy Rocket in the Press
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Do you want to join us?

If you want to join our team, you can review our open positions via the link below and apply.

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