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Our Projects

In 4 years, we have developed 4 rockets, 2 microsatellites, 2 unique avionics systems and dozens of subsystems.



Hybrid Medium Altitude Rocket

Our rocket, which we continue to develop, is capable of carrying our 3 KG Polaris microsatellite to an altitude range of 14,000 feet. At the same time, it has advanced avionic system features, especially the live video transmission feature.


Aybüke Rocket

Aybüke rocket, which is a more advanced rocket compared to the rocket we developed in 2020 , has advanced avionics system features and high aerodynamic competence. The Aybüke rocket carried a 5 KG payload to an altitude of 1500 meters on September 3, 2021.

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Ceren Özdemir Rocket

Our rocket named Ceren Özdemir mission, which we brought together with the skies for the first time in 2020, carried a 4KG payload to an altitude of 1,500 meters. 


Polaris Micro Satellite

We plan to launch our micro-satellite, which we call Polaris, with our own rocket in 2023. In addition, the Polaris Micro Satellite is capable of advanced atmospheric measurement and has the potential to transmit snapshots to the ground station.

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